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Monday, October 29, 2012

Your LIfe Story in 6 Words

Hi all, Carol here.
Julie’s post went MIA this week, so I decided to try something different.

I love learning about people, and want to get to know our readers and followers better.

So in this post instead of me telling you more about me, you get to tell us about you.

The only rule is your “biography” must be 6 words.

Here’s mine

Cape May, Jim’s wife, Happy Life.

(I almost went with “Suit by day, beachbum at heart) but I think the one above is more me. Do you agree?

So, what’s yours?

If like me, you are hunkering down to ride out Sandy, you may have a little time on your hands in the next day or two. So before the power goes out, give this a bit of thought, have fun, and share your 6 word memoir. My goal is to hear from at least 30 of you, so please put on your creative hat, come up with your 6 words, and help me reach my goal.
Write your 6 words in comments below.
Be safe, and we’ll see you on the flip side of Sandy.


  1. I'm a nurse. That says it.

    Julie V

  2. Nature enthusiast, mom, wife, teacher, writer

    Peggy S.

  3. Mary Frances FoxOctober 29, 2012

    Life is fun, isn't it, Mary?

  4. Carol - thank you for the bonus post!

    I think I prefer suit by day, beachbum at heart.

    As for me...mama writer, surfer wife, brave explorer.

  5. Learning, playing, loving: I feel blessed.

  6. writer, tortured yet blissful;hopeful, blessed

  7. part-acts serenity, work in progress

  8. Photographer, sister, partner, friend: good life.


  9. Wow Carol, this is a difficult exercise. How HR of you! Well here goes:

    Chris, Anne, Harper, Wistful, Thankful, Unfulfilled