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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Claus

Julie Owsik Ackerman

One of my spiritual practices is to look for gifts in situations I don’t like. Like many people in the Northeast today, I’m trapped at home, waiting out the storm. I love my house, but it’s highly unusual for me to spend all day at home. Both my toddler and I are generally restless by 10 a.m., if not sooner. Still, when I go looking for gifts, I usually find them, so here goes. 

Instead of being at work today, I have a whole day with my family. Things I usually take for granted have a new preciousness--like hot water, electricity, shelter, food. Since my husband is also home, I am able to write. As for the storm itself, I felt genuine awe when I heard that 12-15 foot waves are crashing on the beach where I surf. I hope I can see some footage of that. Anticipating the storm, and preparing for it has reinforced for me that there are many things in life over which I have no control. I both hate this and love it. 

I'm not glad there's a hurricane, but as with anything I don't like, I can sulk, or I can accept it, and try to find the positive. What has Sandy Claus brought you?


  1. love Sandy Clause!
    Today I am grateful to be able to work from home, and that Jim is here too.
    Fingers crossed that Sandy doesn't bring us any surprises or new opportunites to accept challenges and appreciate electricity,

  2. Mary Frances FoxOctober 29, 2012

    Thanks for the positive spin. As a Cape May evacuee, I am hunkered down in the cottage in East Norriton. Grateful for Oreos, Lowes getting extra batteries at the last minute, my dog Migo now my Siamese twin, and time to catch up on writing and that stack of New Yorkers on the coffee table. Wishing safe outcomes to all!

  3. I am blessed to work from home today and tomorrow too. I set up my laptop and phone in my conservatory today watching the wind and the rain shaking the trees. Awesome power and amzing flexibility (so far). I am kind of surprised that there are no puddles in the grass. Is the wind like a Dyson vac, evaporating it before it can soak in?

    Sandy ruined my weekend plans to spend three days in Cape May. I decided to postpone that for a more gentle time in the next month.

    Fingers crossed that the power stays on and windows survive. I just put a Blessed Mother statue out in my glass room for extra insurance.


  4. No dyson here. Parts of our yard are under inches of water. Still well below the house though.