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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for Being Bald

Recently, my friend, Tina, reminded me of one of her mother’s many sayings, “You get used to hanging if you hang long enough.”

That got me thinking about how back in July, being bald alarmed me. Five months later, I’m still glad baldness is temporary, but I also see an upside.  

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s my list of The Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Being Bald:
10. You save a bundle on shampoo and conditioner.

9.  Month after month, you never have to shave your legs.

8.  No eyelashes to get stuck in your eyes.

7.  You get to laugh out loud when your friend, Dot, recites Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy Had no Hair!

6.  No jaunts to the hairdresser to choke on nail lacquer or hairspray fumes.

5.  Your annual skin check at the dermatologist is easier when she can actually see your scalp.

4. You never have a bad hair day.

3. No fretting about grays.

2. You can put on your husband’s goofy hair hat, rock the Guy Fieri look, and remember not to take yourself too seriously.

And the # 1 Reason to be Thankful for Being Bald:

This too shall pass. Your hair grows back!

“They” say you don’t always get the hair you had before chemo. Salt-and-pepper might grow back gray and curly might come in straight. I liked the wash-and-wear-just-enough-curl in my old hair, but to show up Fuzzy Wuzzy, I’ll take what I get.

Did I miss anything on my Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for Being Bald? And, what’s on your list of things you once dreaded and learned to be thankful for?

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  1. There you go again Carol, making lemonade out of chemo. I'm pretty sure you captured them all and then some. Can't wait to see your new do when it starts growing back.

    As for things I dreaded but now am thankful for? Quiet time alone with my thoughts.

    Thanks for being.


    1. Chris, I'm laughing because back in the day, I owned and proudly displayed one of those lemonade posters. And, I can add a number #11 to say thanks for the pretty scarfs. They are perfect and I now have every color scarf I need to match everything in my closet :)

  2. Not just Broad Minds, but Tough Broad Minds.

    1. Never thought being called a Tough Broad would make me smile, but it does :}

  3. When I lived alone in Roxborough, I was so lonely with no one to talk to. Now, with 4 others in the house and a dog, I sometimes go out in the driveway and sit in my car all alone just for the quiet.

    Julie V

    1. I'm like you Julie, I like company and also really need my quiet time. You need a sunroom with a door that locks so you can hide without retreating to your car. :)

  4. Sometimes I wish there were 'like' buttons. Your words sing.

    p.s. I was impressed with the hair growth and blonde to boot... and this is post cataract surgery lol

    1. Mary Anne, Jim's fake hair hat saves the day! When he wears it, the hair looks white, but for some reason, it looks blond on me.
      p.s. you'd be less impressed with my actual hair growth. Just enough peach fuzz to look a little like Fuzzy Wuzzy.