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Friday, August 22, 2014

You Won the Lottery; Do You Quit Your Job?

Chris Brady

I read an article recently that claimed that most lottery winners don’t quit their jobs even
though they have the wealth to live comfortably.  I’m not sure I believe that “most” keep working, but I have heard interviews following big Powerball wins where newly minted millionaires surrounded by their co-workers say they will keep on truckin’.  

Option 1:  Cubicle land.

The reasons people stay on the job when they don’t need the money are:

1. Work brings people together and you make friends there.
2. Work showcases your talent.
3. Work connects people to big ideas – a purpose beyond your own existence.

I count myself fortunate to get those benefits at my job, and I would miss the people, the creativity and the purpose that comes with my paycheck.

But every time I invest in a lottery ticket I fantasize about how much notice I will give my employer of my resignation. 
And then I ponder what activities will fill those 10 hours a day (work plus commute) that comprise almost half my life. My inner voice tells me:

Option 2:  Beach, palm trees, ocean.

You can spend quality time with Bernie...
You can write the great American novel…
You can play more golf...
You can drive across the country … 
You can volunteer… 
You can be your own boss…

My pension documents predict  a retirement date of January 1, 2018. As I write this post, that's 1227 calendar days away and only 727 work days.  

But who's counting?

What about you? With financial independence, would you quit in a minute or keep working?


  1. I would have to win enough to pay off all of my bills, buy a few new places in exotic locales and have enough annual income to keep me in the lap of luxury to enjoy those places. Then I would be able to quit in a second. But without all of those pieces, I would have to work.

    Julie V

  2. Chris, like you, I question if winners who say they will keep working really do. Even when I loved my work, if a lottery winning gave me financial security, I would have been out of there.

  3. Carol, I think you can find the three benefits of work in the leisure world. Lots of people, many opportunities to connect and more time to build your talents. And the biggest benefit: beach time 7 days a week.