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Friday, March 28, 2014

Following Facebook...What's Not to Like?

Recent (and not so recent) photos on my timeline
Chris Brady

I checked my Facebook page this morning for the first time in three days and was struck by the life going on while I was away:

  • A former co-worker was married this week on a beach in the Keys.  (Like, Comment)
  • A friend got away from it all in Jamaica.  (Like, Jealous)
  • A friend achieved a significant honor as a public speaker.  (Like, Comment)
  • A friend is turning 60 and has launched a new business.  (Like, Comment)
  • A friend who lives at the Jersey shore is enjoying winter on a Florida beach. (Like, Jealous)
  • A friend is at Phillies Spring training. (Like)
  • A former co-worker’s 19-year old sister has died.  (Condolences Comment)

Before Facebook, many of these events would have occurred outside of my sphere of awareness.  (Most notably the former co-workers’ life events.) 

I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

I have family members and friends who claim they have never been on Facebook (and  infer that they never will).  They prefer real vs. virtual communications.

I agree that face-to-face and ear-to-ear communications are superior experiences, but I can’t deny the pleasure of Facebook. It’s reality TV, but with people I know or have known.

I’m not exactly a Facebook stalker (someone who reads but never posts) but I admit that I am not sharing as much as most of the people I follow. It’s not that my life is less interesting from the people I’m following; I just don’t take the time to photograph and share. 

But I am so glad that my family and friends are generous with their moments. I smile almost every time I open up my page.  

And today, I was saddened too.  

But happy or sad, I felt a connection to others.  

And what's not to like about that?

Are you a Facebook fan or a Refusenik?

How often do you post on Facebook? 

What kind of posts do you like/ not like?


  1. Since joining FB,I've reconnected with people from HS and my old home town. Not to mention, I got to date my HS crush 47 years later! I enjoy learning about all the goings on" with dear friends and I try to share in return. I use Tumblr a lot now, but a day doesn't go by that I don't check FB. Good piece Chris. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cathy, You are my favorite FB poster. It's like having my personal culture vulture. Glad we are friends.

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  3. Chris, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy keeping up with friends and family on FB. Especially love staying connected with my cousins and their children. I have to admit I resisted for a few years and thought it would be a waste of time I didn't have to spare. Glad my friends and family helped change my mind

    1. Carol, I too am following people (like nieces and nephews) who I might see on the holidays but not too much in between. Watching their babies grow in photos is so much fun.

  4. Thanks, Chris! Send me a friend request. I have just started using FB more often. I don't have a long list of friends yet. But I try to post and to check in frequently. Like you and Carol, this is one of the best ways to keep up with my nieces and nephews and far-off friends.