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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Travel Dreams: What's on Your Top 10 List?

Looks like more fun than a week at the office, doesn't it?
Chris Brady

I am a week away from a winter vacation as I post this and I feel like a child waiting for Santa.  I’ve memorized the itinerary for our expedition (not a cruise) to Panama and Costa Rica -- and I’m imagining the flora and fauna we'll see in the rain forests and ocean, the engineering wonder of the canal, starry nights at sea, interesting people, and best of all 10 days of discovery.

We booked this trip a year ago – a record in terms of advance planning.  It was an act of faith in some ways.  My husband is 82 and in stable but not terrific health. He was totally game, but I wondered if he would have the stamina to enjoy excursions like rain forest walks (probably) and horseback riding and snorkeling (unlikely). The brochure promised all levels of activity, so he we are, almost packed and excited to go.

We have experienced great and not so great travel, but nothing so bad that I would ever decide to stay put at home. As I consider retirement, I hope that my nest egg will fund at least one good trip a year. I figure I have at least another 20 trips before the physical limitations force me to sit on the beach. So I may not leave a big estate for my descendants, but what a collection of refrigerator magnets!

Where to go next year?  Here are 10 places I think about:


Rhine River Cruise
Australia and New Zealand
South Africa

Do you have a holiday planned for 2014?  Share your favorite travel spots.


  1. I would agree with your list but take Scotland off and substitute it with either an Alaskan cruise or a Mediterranean cruise

    Julie V

    1. Both good additions... I have a work friend in Scotland that I have always wanted to visit. That's why it made my list.

  2. Chris, you're far more adventurous than I am. Sitting on a familiar beach with friends is the perfect vacation for me. Maybe I got the wandering bug out of my system when I backpacked through Europe the summer I was 19. It doesn't help that neither Jim or I likes to fly, and I'm not sea-worthy. Still, we'll definitely visit our friends in Scotland one of these years.

    1. Carol, I think your vacation is more restful than ours. I'll let you know how sea-worthy we were. This is only my second cruise. I'm packing dramamine and wrist bands.

  3. Chris, you started me daydreaming. I haven't had a really good vacation since I spent a month in Hawaii in 2007! Hawaii is my favorite...and my favorite adventure was working as an intern with the Pacific Whale Foundation on Maui for two weeks one year. Sierra Club sometimes offers the chance to go to Molokai and work with naturalists. That's on my list. Also Sicily, Greece, Australia, the American Southwest (Gloria O'Keefe country), and one summer sitting still in Cape May. Bon voyage!

  4. Mary, A month in Hawaii sounds idyllic. Anytime you get more than a week away you can really escape. I like your naturalist work away plans too. I had a co-worker who used to do that on her vacations. She was always going somewhere to do natural field work. I put it in the back of my mind as a future goal.


  5. Love this topic! Especially given the winter we've had. My mom and I just booked a week in Paris for April! We're thrilled. Other places on my list: still, and always, Mexico. Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Portugal. And a return to Hawaii. Mary, I loved your ideas!