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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simple, Life-changing Advice

Feeling really down recently, I told a fellow runner how I needed more exercise, but postpartum, my breasts felt too sore when I tried to jog. “Wear two bras,” she said. I felt that jolt of recognizing a simple and genius idea. Why had that never occurred to me?

That night, I went home, doubled up on sports bras, and ran giddy through the streets of Narberth, boobs firmly in place. I can’t easily express how much this advice has helped me. Though I have been walking a lot since Daniel was born—with and without he and the dog—walking just doesn’t provide the same benefit for me as jogging. I don’t run quickly or even very far, but when I resumed my 30 minute jogs last week, I realized just how much I had missed them over the past year.

Yes, running gives me energy, and those great endorphins, but also, the physical effort required to run somehow unleashes my imagination. Many of the scenes that ended up in my first novel appeared to me while running. Which I had forgotten until I ran last week and started seeing things for the new novel. Jogging through the cold, dark streets of my town, I could have cried with joy at having reclaimed something important, one of the best ways I keep myself healthy.

The next time I saw that runner I told her that someone should take out a billboard that says, “Wear two bras.”

What’s the best simple advice you’ve received? What would you like to put on a billboard?


  1. LOL at the billboard idea. Walking and bike riding does for my creativity what running does for you...I've walked into more than one scene or story.
    and best simple advice - in keeping with the female theme I'd say it had to be from my friend Sandy when we were about 17. Nest time, take the tampon out of the cardboard tube before using it. Good to know :)

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff. I don't recall who said it -- I'm thinking it was a manager in my early work years. It has become almost like a mantra to me.

    It would fit nicely on a billboard, wouldn't it? And maybe cure a little of the road rage that's out there.

  3. Ditto LOL. But I am with you on the outdoor exercise. I get answers to some of life's questions as I walk/run with my dog. My favorite piece of advice or saying:

    We spend most of our lives in Plan B.