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Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer’s Four Seasons – AKA Denial

Hello my name is Carol and I’m an unrecovered beach addict. Cape May is my beach of choice. Each flip of the calendar page after Memorial Day, sends me deeper into denial. Do not let summer end!

Most years, withdraw starts by early August when school supplies crowd out the beach chairs, sand toys and charcoal in the drugstore seasonal aisle. Can pumpkins and candy canes be far behind?

This year was no different. Alarm hit on August 3rd. I know the date because I was in Wawa and picked up a quart of milk with an August 5th expiration date thinking - good we have a couple of weeks to use this. On my drive home, reality sunk in. My milk and my summer were about to expire.

A few weeks later, Irene roared up the coast, forcing evacuation. I packed indignantly, resentful about missing even one beach day. A few days of watching the storm’s devastation from 90 miles away while wondering, hoping, praying our home would be intact when we got back put missing three beach days into perspective.

If like me you have the gift of living in your dream location, you know the feeling my husband Jim and I have about Cape May. This is one of the places on earth you can start your day watching the sunrise and end it watching the sunset from the same spot on the beach. We live a few miles from the ocean, but Jim calls the Cove beach and jetty overlooking the Cape May Point Lighthouse our backyard.

If Cape May has a flaw, it’s that even being far enough south to be below the Mason-Dixon line (if it extended to the coast) it is still a northern Mideast state with frosty temps and snowfall in winter.

In a perfect world, instead of fall’s crisp colors with winter on its heels, my Cape May has four seasons - early summer, summer, late summer and next summer.

So here we are in late summer. Welcome to our blog. Can next summer be far behind?


  1. Wish I had a beach in my backyard too. For me, it's the winter beach that dazzles. Whitecaps, frosty air, and a gray sky punctuated by a white spot of sun. It's all mine as the sun worshippers have shipped south to Florida!

  2. ah...I love the winter aka "next summer" beach too:)

  3. I, too, love the beach year round, but as a surfer, I cherish the days I can be in the water without struggling into and out of my wet suit. How many days until Memorial Day?